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# About This Site
This website is open to introduce original origami models of "Honkaku" origami creator, Noboru Miyajima(Profile). So this site is 100% filled with contents about origami. Please enjoy real origami world.


# Origami Gallery
This is the main area of this site. My original origami models are displayed here. I'm going to display new(or old?) models from now on.

Now 90 models are here (Oct 10, 2019)

# Diagrams
You can download some original diagrams. They require "ACROBAT READER". If you don't have it, You can download here. I'm sorry for infrequent update.

Now 6 diagrams are here ( Feb 22,2010)

Origami Links
Here are links to my favorite origami websites.

Now 55 links are here (Ape 24, 2010)

# About Copyrights
All copyrights of contents in this website are reserved. Reproduction or republication without written permission is prohibited. If you download diagrams, images or other contents, they are for personal(non-commercial) use only.