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Origami Links

These are many origami websites all over the world. These are my favorites.

I welcome links from other websites. Feel free to link to this website.

# Recommended website
Origami Tanteidan Home Page The website of Japan Origami Academic Society(JOAS). Yes, I belong to. This is the most famous origami website in Japan.
The Page Of One Origami Creator Young and talented Mr. Satoshi Kamiya's website. His original models are displayed. His achievement is the highest peak of the complex origami.
Origami Plans Mr.Hideo Komatsu's website. His original models are displayed with detailed comment. He has a great talent for designing
The Contemporary Origami Mr.Takashi Hojyo's website. His original models are displayed. The feature of his models is its wonderful curve line.
Nishida Shatner Art Institute Mr.Nishida Shatner is famous for a dramatist and director. But He is an origami creator representing Japan. He is a genious in modeling creatures!
Origami New Generation Young and talented creator, Mr.Kyouhei Katsuta's website. As the title of website says, many young creators displays original models in BBS.
Robert J.Lang Origami One of the most famous origami creator, Mr. Robert J.Lang's website. His original models are displayed. Not only The quality of designs, the quality of production is also great.
Eric Joisel ORIGAMI Famous French origami creator, Mr. Eric Joisel's wesite. By an artistic style and an exquisite technique, his models get overwhelming originality.

# Japan (Personal)
Mr.Takai's Origami School Mr. Hiroaki Takai's website. High quality diagrams of traditional and original models are available.
Welcome To Origami Homepage Mr.Toshiaki Meguro's website. If you are interested in designing and structure of origami, you must visit this website.
S-taro's Origami Page Mysterious Mr.S-taro's website. His original models are on the basis for the theory of origami designing. The variation of "crane" is great.
Origami Kaiju Pictures Mr.Shinji Sasade's website. Kaiju(Japanese TV monster), Alien and so on, very unique original models are displayed.
Jisaku-jien Origami Mr.Takashi Tanaka's website. His original models are in good taste. Some diagrams are available.
Aruchu-Masa's Otsumami Games!! This is the website of the yen folding, not the dollar folding. Very funny models are displayed. You can laugh at them!
Ou-sa-an Mr.koshiro Hatori's website(He's a board member of JOAS). This site is full of variety. The display of original models, the concideration, the event report and so on
TT's origami Page Mr.Tomohiro Tachi's Website. His Original models mainly based on box-pleat are displayed. The conciderations are also here.
Hobby Room Mr.Takashi Kanazawa's website. .His Original comlex models are displayed. New models are uploaded very quickly!
Oigami Exhibition Room Mr.Yama's website. Various origami models are displayed(My models are also here). Diagrams are available. His librally of origami books is interesting.
Mysterious Mr.A2's website. fantasic original models are displayed. The feature of his models is its smart mold.
Origami Okiba Mr.Astuo Fhujikura's website. Various origami models are displayed.The quality of models and pictures is very high. Articles about origami is also interesting.
ashipine's work Mr.Shunichi Ashimura's website. His origami models are displayed. He has good taste in designing. you can also enjoyOrigami Confrontation (His another origami websaite)
origami KAIJU Mr.Ishikura's website. There are a lot of Japanese popular monsters called "Kaiju" (appeared in TV programs or films). You can see also picture diagrams.
Origami Tsurezure-Gusa The main member Of Kansai Tomo No Kai, Mr.Tsubo Tadashi(Nick Name is Ta-San)'s website. Here are many picyures of his original models, origami convention, and so on.
Kotoki's Origami Room Young and talented creator, Mr.Kotoki's website. His complex models(mainly insects and imaginary animals) are displayed. You can see also his weblog.
Bakuretsu Origami Spirit Young creator(but He has a long career), Mr.Go Kinoshita's website. His complex models.are displayed. Some diagrams are available.
Comic Folder Mr.Shintarou Miyamoto's website has renewed. His original models are displayed. This site is full of characters of "POKEMON". and other Japanese animation.
Origami-Batake Mr.Katsuhisa Yamada's website. He is a famous creater and published many books. Mainly animals, his various origial models are displayed. Some diagrams are available.
Origami-Ya San Mr.Akira Kawamura's website. He has a long career of designing and famous for vehicles using boxpleats. You can get many diagrams here!

# Japan (Group)
Gallery Origami House Only one gallery where origami models are exclusively displayed. Rare origami paper and books are also sold.
Origami Tanteidan Kansai Tomo-no-kai The origami group in Kansai area. I have joined the anuual origami convention in spring.
Origami Tanteidan Tokai Fan Site The origami group in Tokai area (The base is in Nagoya City). The anuual origami convention is held in autumn.
KFD ORICLUB The website of a small origami group in Gifu. Famous ceaters' new models are are often uploaded in BBS.
Nippon Origami Asociation(NOA) The website of the biggest origami association in Japan. Yes, I'm a member. There are Eglish pages too.
NOA Chikugo The website of a NOA's branch in Fukuoka. The database of published origami diagrams is very useful.

# Other Area(Personal)
Mark Kirschenbaum's Origami Page Mr.Mark Kirschenbaum's website. Many diagrams of his original complex models are available.
Joseph Wu's Origami Page Mr.Joseph Wu's world famous origami website. Many models of his and other creators' are displayed. Many articles are also here.
Origami Underground I can't make any comments on this website. Good boys and girls, don't visit here.
Design In Origami The website of French origami group(?). Many models of famous creators are displayed. It's great honor that my gallery is here!
Origami Dream Factory The origami website in Shanghai. A large number of models are displayed. My model are also here.
Jake's Origami Gallery (Out Of Link) Mr.Jake Crowley's website. His and other creators' models are displayed together. But his original models are outstanding!
Mark Leonard's Origami Page Mr.Mark Leonard's website. Not only complex, various kinds of original models are displayed. Some diagrams are also available.
Origami Haven Mr.Ronald Koh's website. His original models are displayed. Many articles and diagrams are also here.
Origami- The Fascination of Folding Mr.Hans Birkeland's website. His original models are displayed. Surprisingly, every model has its diagrams!
Jason's Origami Page Mr.Jason Ku's website.His original complex models are displayed. and Crease patterns are also here. I guess there is the great influence of Mr. Satoshi Kamiya upon him.
Gilad's Origami Page Mr.Gilad Aharoni's website. The large number of origami models from simple to complex are displayed. My models are here, but it's hard to find...
Brian's Origami Page Young and talented origami designer at MIT, Mr.Brian Chan's website. His original complicated models based on the mathematical theory are displayed(mainly insects).They are surprisingly minute!
C.A.Furuti's Home Page Brasilian folder,Mr.Carlos Furuti's Website. You can download PDF diagrams of my "Bat"! The quality is very high.
Dave Brill British authority,Dave brill's website (he has acted since the 70's ).his model has two contrastive charm, expressive animals and tricky geometrical models.
Fold Vietnamese creator,Mr. Giang Dinh's website. It is an artistic style that uses the curve.
Mabona Origami Origami creator from Switzerland, Mr.Sipho Mabona's website. He is one of the young creators paid attention to most now.
La Papiroflexia de Fernando Gilgado Origami creator who represents Spain Fernando Gilgado's site. The style is wide. Diagramms of complex models are available here.
# Other Area(Group)
ORIGAMI - Papierowe Fantazje The website of Polish origami group(?). So many models of famous creators are displayed. Their quality is very high. Diagrams are also here.
Origami USA The website of the biggest origami association in USA.
British Origami Society The website of the origami association in UK. Yes, I'm a member
Asociacion Espanola de Papiroflexia The website of the origami association in Spain(I'm a member). A lot og diagrams are available here.