Noboru Miyajima

The name is Noboru Miyajima(Noboru is the first name).
I was born in 1975, now lives in Tokyo and work in the city office.
I met with origami when I was 3 or 4 years old. From then, I’ve enjoyed it with no long gap.

I started the original design of origami when I was a college student. At the same time, I joined the group called “Origami Tanteidan”(now known as “Japan Origami Academic Society“). I got to know many origami creators there. They gave me a lot and stimmulated my creativity.

Still now, JOAS is the base of my activity. Joining the annual convention as a instructor, publishing diagrams in “Origami Tanteidan Magazine” and “Origami Tanteidan Convention Book”.

Apart from JOAS, some times I taught origami at some public facilities.
My favorite creators are Mr.Jun Maekawa, Mr.Fumiaki Kawahata and so on.

E-mail ; miyajima.n@gmail.com